Fling sports academy

We focuses to assist and provide meaningful, progressive and enjoyable training sessions for the children of various age groups. The advice and information’s provided are based on programs that have been successfully carried out internationally for young talents. The contents of the training program reflect the rationale of the grassroots and youth policy that focuses on the specific needs, limitations and capabilities of young boys and girls, who during the stage of development play sports purely for enjoyment.  


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Special Features

• Each student/ player would be provided with age appropriate sports equipments, so as to make the training effective. 

• Performance of players would be recorded and analyzed regularly.


About the coaches

We have the experienced coaching staff for different sports.

We also have the back up of research scholars of Delhi University who are involved in various research works related to sports.

In the backdrop, the academy believes that the sport provides boys and girls with a foundation to establish unique social skills, a healthy life style and positive personal experiences.

What the kids will gain?

• Fun and Enjoyment 

• Introspection and target for new learning .

• Exposure to multi skills .

• Identity, self-esteem .

• Introspection and target for new learning

• Recognition-awards, rewards, friendship .

• Preparation for life roles .


What will community gain?

• Motivated and disciplined youth

• “We – feeling”

• Mutual respect and tolerance

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